ANNO: 2013 2013



    Duelustri, certainly our most exclusive wine, is produced in small quantities and is treated in detail. This wine was born to put us to the test, as the name says it comes out after 2 decades, 10 years since its goal is to bring the maximum expression of our style and our terroir.

    The result of only the best vintages, this 100% Cabernet Sauvignon starts on the basis of Okenio and then goes on to reach the full expressiveness of the Suvereto terroir. With attention to the smallest detail, nothing is left to chance, each bottle has been packaged individually, by hand, and cared for throughout the aging in the bottle with constant tastings to guarantee its integrity.

    The evolution of this wine is surprisingly complex, the fruit ceases its protagonism to make room for the riot of black spices, mineral notes and aromatic herbs that make it unique and unforgettable.

    Manual selection of the best grapes in the vineyard through a progressive harvest, this type of harvesting is aimed at decreasing the load on the plants throughout the summer season. This allows the vine to invest all its energy for the maturation of the few but impeccable bunches which will be destined for 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. The harvest takes place in the cooler hours, with the aid of bioprotectors to avoid mashing, the boxes are promptly taken to the cold room where they will rest for 24 hours at 8°C. This is followed by a slow maceration and fermentation in cement vats for about 30 days at the end of which we will proceed with a soft pressing in a wooden press. The malolactic fermentation instead takes place in French oak barriques where it remains for 18 months. At the end of the aging in wood, the barriques are blended to obtain the perfect combination based on the characteristics of the vintage. Once the batches are assembled in the right quantities in concrete, here we will further refine the wine for a few months, followed by cryostabilization and subsequent bottling. Finally aging in the bottle until the age of ten.

    The color is a very deep ruby with light garnet reflections; the bouquet is elegant and powerful, fruity opening into an ethereal fragrance with sweet spiciness and hints of leather and chocolate. The balsamic note remains, and closes with a scarcely perceptible tannin, a long and pleasant finish that calls for another sip.

    Weight 1.300 kg