From the land of Tuscany

The origin of our winery

Our farm dates from the middle of the last century. At that time, we cultivated a little something in our countryside for the family’s sustenance. From the start, it was clear that the vine and the olive reached their highest expression in this territory, rich in clay and mineral particles, and in the 1980s, we began production aimed at improving quality.

This is a story like many others in which parents leave their children the fruits of their labor; by 2000 it became my responsibility to continue the family tradition in the production of wine and olive oil.

Donated land

I named my vineyard Terradonnà (land donated from one woman to another) because I love to remember how much dedication my mom put into the cultivation of this land and the gift that she gave me by entrusting it to me. This name is a thank you to my family that handed down the passion for this work.

We made a strong commitment to restructuring the winery to obtain high quality in the products, certain of the great qualities of this territory. Due to the particular characteristics of the mineral-rich in subsoil, our pleasant young wines become amazing after long aging.

Tradition and innovation

The winery’s philosophy stems from these peculiarities that impose “respect for the environment and the rhythms of nature.”
Firm in the desire to maintain the traditional wine cellar with concrete tanks and wooden presses, we have not given up innovation in winemaking techniques and research in processing methods to enhance the plants’ life.
Tradition and innovation coexist in Terradonnà.

In Suvereto

A perfect area for wine production

The winery is located in the Suvereto foothills and a few kilometers from the coast, not far from the beautiful island of Elba.
This is perfect area for wine production thanks to a soil particularly rich in minerals and a microclimate in which recirculation of air coming from the sea keeps the climate mild throughout the year.

Our Winery

Our land has clay soil that makes the surface arid. Accordingly, to prevent the roots from suffering dryness, they must be planted deep below the clay layer.
This is why we have chosen to place our lines 120 centimeters apart.
This type of plant involves extremely difficult cultivation, which is performed mostly manually by experienced operators.

Careful wine cellar work

Our approach to wine production has always been characterized by an almost maniacal precision in every single thing that is done in the cellar, starting from the selection of the grapes, up to the careful cleaning of all equipment used, through respect for the environment. This means adopting cutting-edge systems for tank sterilization while avoiding chemical products.

Our wines, from 2002 to today

The first wine, Okenio, was presented in 2002.
Today we have 9 labels with very different wines, each expressing a particular characteristic of this territory.