A centuries-old tradition

Suvereto, land of wine

Suvereto is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. In this land, the cultivation of vines and olive trees dates back to the 19th century, and continues to this day with great quality results recognized worldwide. The territory is within Val di Cornia, a kind of microcosm of Tuscany where today industry, tourism, agriculture, nature, culture, history and archaeology coexist.

The D.O.C. recognition dates back to 1990 with VAL DI CORNIA, in 2011 reaching DOCG Suvereto and DOCG Rosso della Val di Cornia.

This territory is carried around the world through our products. Our wine, with its emotional, convivial, festive impact, tells the story of a land giving life to a happy marriage of tradition and innovation.


An ancient medieval village

Suvereto is located on the Etruscan coast, about 10 km away from the sea. It stands on one of the hills of Mediterranean scrub that surround the area and is declined on an immense panorama of vineyards.

This charming medieval village is full of culture and tradition. The stone houses of the old town, the Town Hall dating back to the early 13th century, the Church of San Giusto, Rocca Aldobrandesca, and the walls surrounding it, create an atmosphere of historic beauty. Many celebrations throughout the year evoke its history with jousts and parades in medieval-era costumes.