Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice

Terradonnà wins Tripadvisor’s Travelers’ Choice 2022 award, we want to thank all our passionate customers for their support.

We want to thank all our passionate customers who have supported us over time, and got us rewarded by Tripadvisor. Which you can see on our profile: Terradonnà

The “Traveler’s Choice” is awarded by Tripadvisor, the most important online portal for collecting feedback and reviews of restaurants, hotels and businesses, to the companies that have distinguished themselves for their commitment to quality and attention to their customers. This thanks to the achievement over the years of positive evaluations by enthusiastic customers.

In Terradonnà we have always wanted to give our guests a unique visit: instructive, relaxing and “real” in which they do not feel as a number, but a real part of our cellar and our family. This by dedicating space to questions, and trying to personalize experiences based on the knowledge, requests and needs of those who decide to come and visit us.

If you want to come and visit us, visit the dedicated page: WINE TASTING

Our small size has often limited us to a niche of lovers and enthusiasts. However, we have made it a virtue by trying to impress our guests with the passion and skills that we have put into every aspect of wine-making since 1954.This by taking the enough time to create a bond with those who come to visit us and passing on to them what we know. and why we do the things we do. All this by constantly striving to increase the quality of the wines, experiences and products offered.

For us this is a great commitment, but a commitment that has rewarded us in the long term by creating over time not a group of customers but a group of friends, with whom to share experiences, anecdotes and opinions. It is your reviews, in facts, that have allowed Terradonnà to win the Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award.

We thank everyone for the support and affection you have shown us.


Michele, Annalisa and Mauro.