degustazione alla cieca

The new Terradonnà blind tastings are available, a new and fun way to discover wine and its nuances.

In the heart of Tuscany, in Suvereto, lies the Terradonnà winery, an enchanted place where wine becomes art and the wine experience becomes an unforgettable journey. Among the most intriguing proposals of the winery, the blind tastings stand out, an unmissable opportunity to test your senses and immerse yourself completely in the world of wine.

Discovering wine with new eyes

The blind tastings of Terradonnà are a real journey of discovery, an invitation to explore wine with new eyes and to let yourself be guided by your own sensations. Without information on the label, vintage and grape variety, participants focus on the sensory analysis of the wine, capturing every nuance: from color to aroma, from taste to aftertaste.

An experience for everyone

Blind tastings are suitable for all wine lovers, from the most experienced to the neophytes. The aim is to refine the palate and learn to recognize the distinctive characteristics of different wines, without being influenced by preconceptions or expectations.

A sensory journey through the wines of Terradonnà

The blind tastings of Terradonnà offer a wide variety of wines, from Supertuscans to Autoctonous wines, expressions of the unique terroir of Suvereto. Participants will have the opportunity to taste some of the most renowned crus of the winery, such as Okenio and  Duelustri, guided by the expert explanations of the winemakerss.

An opportunity to have fun and learn

Blind tastings are an opportunity to have fun and learn in a convivial and relaxed atmosphere. A unique experience to test your knowledge, broaden your wine horizons and discover new flavors.

Why choose Terradonnà’s blind tastings?

  • unique and engaging sensory experience
  • A way to refine your palate and learn to recognize the characteristics of wines
  • The opportunity to taste the best wines of Terradonnà
  • An opportunity to have fun and learn in a pleasant environment

Book your blind tasting

Terradonnà’s blind tastings are an experience not to be missed. To book your tasting, visit the website or contact the winery directly.