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In wine production, every detail counts. From the choice of the grape variety to the winemaking techniques, to the bottling, every decision influences the taste and quality of the final product. An often overlooked but essential element is the stopper.

Terradonnà, a winery of excellence located in Suvereto, Tuscany, has always used cork stoppers for its bottles. This is not a random choice, but the result of a precise corporate philosophy that focuses on quality and respect for tradition.

The advantages of cork

Cork offers numerous advantages for wine preservation:

  • Impermeability: Cork is an impermeable material that prevents the wine from leaking out and air from entering the bottle.
  • Elasticity: Cork expands when it comes into contact with wine, creating an airtight seal that prevents oxidation.
  • Microporosity: Cork is a microporous material that allows a minimal exchange of oxygen with the external environment. This micro-oxygenation is essential for the aging of wine in the bottle.
  • Neutrality: Cork is a neutral material that does not alter the taste of the wine.
  • Sustainability: Cork is a natural and renewable resource. Its production has a low environmental impact compared to other alternative materials.

A commitment to quality

Terradonnà selects only the highest quality cork from certified forests. The stoppers are subjected to rigorous controls to guarantee their integrity and seal.

The use of cork stoppers is a commitment by Terradonnà to quality and tradition. A way to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the wine and to offer its customers a product of excellence.

Beyond tradition: innovation and sustainability

Terradonnà has always been attentive to innovation and sustainability. The winery collaborates with the best cork stopper producers to develop innovative solutions that guarantee maximum quality and minimum environmental impact.

The use of cork stoppers is a concrete example of Terradonnà’s commitment to combining tradition and innovation, quality and sustainability.

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By choosing Terradonnà, you choose a wine of excellence produced in respect of tradition and the environment.