degustazione vino suvereto

We were guests for one night at the ONAV delegation in Milan, in the article a report of the fantastic evening featuring the tasting of Suvereto and Val di Cornia wine.

First of all we would like to thank both the Suvereto and Val di Cornia Protection Consortium without which it would not have been possible to organize the event and the ONAV delegation from Milan who hosted us at their headquarters at the Leonardo Hotel Milan City Center.

On the occasion of the evening of election of the representatives of the delegation, a tasting counter was held with 9 of the most important wine producers of Suvereto and Val di Cornia, including us from Terradonnà. A wonderful opportunity to introduce the terroir of one of the most interesting but least known areas of Tuscany. The evening was well attended and we can only be happy with the great enthusiasm and passion with which the members of the delegation and the other guests approached us as they looked out over the wine scene of Suvereto.

Many had never tasted wine from Suvereto and it seemed right to us to create an article dedicated to what are the characteristics that can be perceived in the wine of our area which you can find at this link.

If you have not participated in the tasting and have never tasted a Suvereto wine, we will be delighted to welcome you to our cellar to immerse you in our world (our experiences here), and after visiting Terradonnà you will be able to visit many of our other colleagues!

Wine and food tourism is highly developed in our area Suvereto is a small town of 3000 souls but you can find more than 15 restaurants and 25 wineries in its immediate vicinity, just think that simply by following our road: Località Notri (about 500 meters) you will be able to visit 3 cellars!