vino terroir suvereto

What makes wine in Suvereto and in the Val di Cornia unique? Let’s answer this fundamental question.

The area of Val di Cornia and Suvereto is still unexplored territory for many enthusiasts. Often associated with the neighboring Bolgheri, Suvereto certainly shares some aspects, the strong presence of international reds on Sangiovese is certainly an excellent example but there are many differences.
In this article, which is not meant to be a scientific publication, we want to summarize what you can find in a Suvereto wine and what makes it unique.


Unlike most of the DOC and DOCG of Tuscany where Sangiovese appears to be the fundamental pillar, on the Tuscan coast it is the international wines in the guise of Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah that are the masters. Unlike Bolgheri, in Suvereto you will be able to find a good presence of Sangiovese in blends but also in purity like our Spato.


The area of Val di Cornia and Suvereto looks like a plain on the sea surrounded by an amphitheater of steeply rising hills, this conformation gives a microclimate exceptionally suitable for the production of the vine. Excellent insolation with averagely warm temperatures and an annual rainfall below 700mm guarantee an excellent concentration of the bunches which give a great qualitative result in the face of a slightly higher alcohol percentage (14-15%). Adverse atmospheric events such as frosts and hailstorms are rare and generally minor.


The most particular feature of our area is the rocky substrate underneath. Extremely complex given the multiple origins of the area. On the hills in the numerous quarries and mines deposits of calcite, limestone and marble can be seen, evidence of a past under the sea, while the plain is mainly formed by recent alluvial deposits with a large presence of sandstone, sand and clay. But perhaps the most significant note is the great richness of minerals originating thanks to the volcanic activity of which traces can still be found with the thermal phenomena present throughout the Val di Cornia. Certainly remarkable is the red color of the land of Suvereto deriving from the richness in iron that has been extracted in the area since the time of the Etruscans. This richness offers in the wines a marked minerality that unites all the wines of the Val di Cornia.


If you want some technical references, we leave you the link to the disciplinary of the DOCG Suvereto

Naturally we are waiting for you at the winery to come and test the characteristics of the wine of Suvereto and Val di Cornia firsthand.