The birth of the consortium for the protection of Suvereto and Val di Cornia Dop wines was presented to the press.

A dream that comes true here in Suvereto, Tuscany. The Consortium DOP Suvereto and Val di Cornia has been officially presented. The result of a long work that has united wineries of all sizes with the aim of bringing Suvereto and the Val di Cornia to the peaks of the national wine scene. This path started many years ago from the idea of Walter Gasperini, to whose memory a plaque was dedicated on the occasion of the presentation.

The Consortium of which we of Terradonnà are also part unites 27 companies, located in the Val di Cornia area. The goal is to present to the public a territory that boasts a unique richness in terms of soil, history and production. The consortium will protect 3 denominations: DOCG Suvereto, DOCG Val di Cornia and DOC Val di Cornia.

The 27 wineries that are now part of the newborn consortium are: Bulichella, Carlini Lorenzo, Casadei, Colle Vento, Giomi Zannoni,  Gualdo Del Re, I Mandorli, Il Bruscello, Il Falcone, Incontri, La Batistina, La Fralluca,  Macchion dei Lupi, Montepeloso, Petricci Del Pianta, Petra, Poggio Banzi, Rabitti, Rigoli , Sant’Agnese , Tenuta Sasso Orlando, Renis, Terravita, Tua Rita, Valdamone and us: Terradonnà.

In short, an incredible terroir, on the Tuscan coast a few kilometers from Bolgheri, where for generations we too have been carrying out a high-level production certainly able to assert itself in the vast wine scene of our Tuscany.

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