Today we will explain why we chose the name “Giaietto” and how the choice of the name is not accidental but rather the result of careful choices.

First of all, what kind of wine is Giaietto?

Giaietto is a wine made up of 3 grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and Merlot. The union of these vines create a very fragrant wine on the nose, with hints of ripe red fruit; while on the palate it is very pleasant, full and fruity. The resulting color is an intense ruby ​​red.

Let’s now move on to the main topic, the name of the wine: “Giaietto”. The names of our wines are almost entirely inspired by the world of mineralogy to pay homage to the passion of the founder and the richness of a unique area. The Giaietto takes its name from the homonymous stone: “Giaietto”, perhaps better known with the English name of: “Jet”.

The stone in question is also known as “black amber” however jet is not a fossil resin but shares its plant origin with amber. It is in fact a lignite that is a fossil wood that has not undergone a complete carbonification. It is not exactly a mineral as it does not have an organized crystalline structure, for this reason it is classified among the mineraloids or non-crystalline minerals. The appearance is an opaque stone with a fairly soft bright black color. Precisely for this tenderness, which makes it easy to carve, this type of stone is used a lot in jewelry.

But what does this stone have in common with our Giaietto wine?

The choice for the name of the wine falls into the parallelism that can be identified between this stone and our wine:

The Giaietto stone comes from the raw earth, between the dust and the effort of the miners as a collateral extraction of coal. It looks like an opaque stone, similar to coal and nothing more, but in the hands of a craftsman it is able to become an elegant jewel.

Likewise our jet. Initially born as a basic product of a company in its infancy that sought and still tries to make its way in an area that still has a lot to prove, it has transformed over time into something new. Thanks to the hard work and experience gained in all these years of production, our small company, like an expert craftsman, has managed to transform Giaietto into an elegant wine, a wine that has been able to exploit its simplicity to become something more .