analisi terreno

On the occasion of the uprooting of 2 hectares of vineyard adjacent to the Notri vineyard, Terradonnà took the opportunity to carry out an in-depth analysis of the physical composition of the soil.

The goal? To obtain valuable information for the creation of the new vineyard, in the name of sustainability and quality.

Excavations and sampling:

With the help of the oenologist and an excavator, sampling excavations were carried out at a depth of approximately 1.20-1.50 meters. The result brought to light interesting aspects, also highlighting critical issues that will be taken into consideration for the new plant.

Soil composition:

The soil, composed almost entirely of sand and clay, presented numerous spherical and black metallic nodules. In the south east areas, a layer of compact clay was also identified at a depth of approximately 70 cm.

Problems identified:

  • Poor permeability: The layer of compact clay prevented the roots from penetrating deep, creating a dense network above and hindering water drainage.
  • Soil asphyxia: The accumulation of water above the clay layer prevented oxygen exchange, creating conditions of asphyxia for the roots.
  • Soil compaction: Frequent and intense rains in the last year, combined with the passage of agricultural machinery on wet soils, have favored soil compaction.

Adopted solutions:

  • Reduction of plant density: More space for plants and their roots for better development.
  • Increase in the width of the rows: From 1.30 to 2 meters to allow the use of more modern machinery with less impact on the soil.
  • Introduction of trees in the vineyard: The deep roots of the trees will help to break up any compaction of the clay.

A far-sighted approach:

The soil analysis allowed Terradonnà to implement a soil requalification plan for the new vineyard. The adoption of sustainable agricultural practices, such as reducing compaction and increasing biodiversity, will guarantee soil health and the production of high-quality grapes while respecting the environment.

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