Nuove etichette vini bianchi

We are pleased to present you the new labels of our wines, which tell the story with a modern design but remembering who we are, the soul and history of our company.

2024: A year of milestones and celebrations for our winery

2024 marks a special year for Terradonnà: 70 years of history and tradition in the world of wine. To celebrate this milestone and renew our passion and dedication, we have decided to give our wine labels a new look.

A tribute to the past and a look to the future

The new image preserves the vibrant colors that have always distinguished Terradonnà, creating a link with the past while also projecting the company towards the future.

The art of wine: passion and research in every bottle

Wine production is a perfect marriage of science and art. It is not a simple chemical formula, but a process that requires dedication, research, and a deep knowledge of the territory. Achieving a balanced and quality wine is the result of “tears” and passion, elements that are found in every bottle of Terradonnà.

Meticulousness and attention to detail: the artisan winemaking of Terradonnà

The dots that characterize the new label represent the meticulous craftsmanship that distinguishes our company. Each vine, each bunch of grapes is treated with maniacal attention, giving life to unique and high-quality wines.

An indissoluble bond with the territory

The labels include the soil profiles of Suvereto and the Val di Cornia, underlining the deep bond between Terradonnà and the territory in which it has its roots. A tribute to the origins of the winery and to the incredible geological variety that characterizes this area.

Terradonnà: 70 years of history, a new label, the same passion as always.

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