bouquet del vino

We are launching a small series that aims to help people understand how best to express what they perceive in wine. Let’s start with Bouquet.

More and more young people and wine enthusiast are approaching cellars and wine, also thanks to the tastings and the possibilities offered by wine tourism, but as soon as they start they are faced with terms that are unusual for them or have to describe new sensations to express the wine they are tasting.

We certainly can’t all be sommeliers! Precisely for this reason we have decided to create this series of articles, which you will find here on our website and on our social networks, in which we will everytime approach a word from the sommelier’s vocabulary. You will be able to better understand the wine, and maybe amaze your friends at dinner or in a wine-tasting.

We immediately hit the ground running with a word that we are sure you have heard at least once in your life: BOUQUET.

Let’s give the definition right away: “Bouquet” describes all the aromas and flavors that are acquired by the wine in ageing that are expressed to the nose over time.

In practice it is the set of sensations that we perceive when we bring the glass to the nose.

We are going to perceive 3 classes of aromas in the bouquet:

  • Primary aromas: they derive from the specific kind of vine.
  • Secondary aromas: they derive from the fermentation process, therefore from the yeasts used.
  • Tertiary aromas: they derive from the vinification and aging process as well as from the terroir.

Finally, we would like to specify that the aromas perceived are a finite number, each derives from one or more of the more than 500 chemical components that our nose perceives.

On to the next word!







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